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XLement product won the "Excellent Product Award" at CHTF 2022

WeSPR One micro-biomolecular Interaction Analyzer developed by XLement won the "Excellent Product Award"at CHTF 2022, stood out from more than 5,000 exhibitors and more than 8,000 projects.

About WeSPR One

WeSPR One is a micro-biomolecular interaction Analyzer, a Surface Plasmon resonance sensor (NanoSPR) which is based on the nano-cup array structure chip. It can analyze the interaction between multiple biomolecules in real time without labeling. It provides high quality kinetic, antibody screening, epitope identification and concentration determination biological information.

The WeSPR One molecular interaction analysis system combines advanced optical sensing devices, sophisticated piping systems, a variety of chip surface chemical modifications and powerful data analysis software. The semi-automatic, bi-channel detection method can detect highly compatible molecular pairs in 10 minutes at most. WeSPR One can simulate the binding and dedissociation process of drug molecules and target proteins in the circulating system in vitro as close as possible, and perform real-time quantitative analysis.


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