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Volcanics Venture


Founded in May 2016, Volcanics Venture is a venture capital fund focusing on early-stage investments. Our investment focuses are intellectual technology and healthcare. Currently, we manage one RMB and one USD fund with more than RMB3.0 billion under management.


Partners of Volcanics Venture, Suyang Zhang, Yeshun Dong and Ying Wu have more than 60 years of combined VC investment and corporate management experiences, and in-depth understanding of the focused areas. Volcanics Venture invests in the most promising companies and outstanding entrepreneurs, and hopes to become the cornerstone for their successes.

Investment Sector

Client 7

Intelligent Technology

Client 2


Client 3

Internet Innovation


Address:533 Loushanguan Road, Tower 2 Shanghai Arch, Room 1601-02


Address:108 Jianguo Road, Krspace, Haihang Industrial Building, Room 911

Contact Us


Tel:+86 21 5231 0109

Fax:+86 21 5231 0107

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